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At Kirdford Shot Blasting we specialise in Vapour Blasting, Shot Blasting, Powder Coating, and Cerakoting. Whether you are looking to restore your parts back to original or go for the custom look we can help.





We offer wet and dry blasting using either coarse shot, ally oxide or a super fine glass bead in our vapour blaster. With these options we can remove virtually any coating and bring a shine back to your parts. And for coatings we can't remove through blasting we can acid wash them first, this also helps keep blasting to a minimum.

Powder Coat

Powder coating is the toughest finish you can get for metal parts. It is more resistant to fading, scratching, or chiping then any other finish. With a huge range of colours and special effect available this coating is used by manufacturers in all industries.


Cerakote is the industry leader in thin film coatings, this ceramic based paint is able to withstand temperatures up 980°c. With its thermal resistance and durability it is suitable for a whole range of applications, and can be applied to almost any surface.

Why use us?


We know that when you are working on a project you don't want to be waiting around for things. We work hard to ensure a fast turn around of work, with the majority of jobs being returned within a week.


We want you to be happy with our work so we offer a quality guarantee. If for any reason we don't match your expectations we will redo the work until you are happy. 


Whilst we try to not turn any work away we do specialise in automotive parts, which can be delicate. Having worked on our own bikes for years our knowledge means we are able to advise you on the best way to treat your parts and get them looking as good as they can.


Before anything is painted we protect all the threads, mask off bearing surfaces, and ensure that paint and blasting media doesn't get anywhere it shouldn't.


It's amazing how quickly metal can start rusting once it has been blasted, thats why we carry out all work ourselves in our workshop. We aim to blast and repaint parts in the same day so you can be assured the metal under the paint is completely rust free.


Proud to work with-

Pier City Cycles

BMW R9 specialists

Quantum Racing

Suspension Specialists


Billy's Motorcycles

Sales and Servicing

Bol D'or 

Sales and Servicing

Suported Teams

Martyn Dellow Suzuki GSXR1000

See Martyn Dellow Racing this year in the BMCRC-MRO Championships, and The Clubman 1000 series 


Fantastic job, Kirdford Shot Blasting changed the whole look of my car just by changing the colour of my wheels. Feels like i have a new car, would definitely recommend. 

What are people saying.


Our workshop is open Monday to Friday between 9 and 5 so if you have something that you want done, bring it down to see us and we will be able to look over it with you and tell you what your options are.

There is no need to make an appointment, just call us first to let us know when you are on your way.


We have a huge range of colours and finishes in stock, and plenty of examples to show you, but if we don't have what you need there are still hundreds more options that we can order in for your specific job.

Where to find us

Kirdford Shot Blasting & Powder Coating

5 Russett Place
West Sussex
RH14 0QQ
01403 820880
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