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Welcome to our online home of Kirdford Shot Blasting & Powder Coating, a shot blasting company established in 2017 supporting our parent company Carly Air Services Ltd, we also offer the service to various trades and private hobbyists.
Based in Kirdford West Sussex we have a large shot blast cabinet, see pictures, which is ideal for blasting motorbike frames, lawn mower part, rusty car components, garden items, and anything which may need rust or paint removed. Our second cabinet is set up for bead blasting, and is ideal for blasting alloy engine parts motorbike or car, this fine bead gives a lovely smooth finish to the surface. The variety of items we can blast is huge and beyond listing, so the next time you have a rusty part that you a trying to wire bush clean drop it round, you will be surprised at how little the cost maybe due to our excellent equipment. Note: We are also motorbike and car part friendly and know the value these parts are to you.

Our Services

  • Powder Coating
  • Bead Blasting
  • Rust and corrosion Removal
  • Paint Removal
  • Car & Motorcycle Parts Blasting
  • Lawn Mower & Gardening Tool Blasting
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Kirdford Shot Blasting & Powder Coating

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Kirdford Shot Blasting & Powder Coating go the extra mile when it comes to providing a comprehensive service for our customers, staying true to our commitment to exceptional standards and top quality results.


Kirdford Shot Blasting & Powder Coating