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Please find below a list of common questions we get asked and the answers. If your question isn't answered below then please get in touch and we will do our best to answer you.

Do I need to mask areas I dont wanted blasted/painted?

No. We will mask everything as needed, this includes threads and bearing surfaces. We use special heat resistant rubber plugs or tape to protect areas that need to stay clean. This ensures that you get clean edges once the plugs are removed.

Do I need to do anything to the part before bringing it to you?

All we ask you to do is dismantle as much as you can, removing any bolts, bearings, bushes, or anything else that may be damaged by the heat during the curing process. Then de-grease as much as possible, providing us with clean parts helps us keep the costs down, other wise we have to spend time before blasting and painting washing parts. 

Can you Powder Coat over Chrome?

Technically yes, although it is better to get the chrome removed properly by a chrome plater prior to powder coating as the powder coat finish will only be as good as the chrome underneath. This is especially true if the chrome has already started lifting away from the substrate as rust can sit between the chrome and the substrate. Because of this we can't offer a guarantee on any finish applied over chrome as it is likely not to last as long (we will discuss this with you when you make your enquires.)

What colours do you have?

We keep a stock of over 100 colours including standard RAL colours, as well as speciality finishes such as candy colours and flourescent colours. If you want a colour we dont have in stock we will happily order it in for you and this normally only takes a couple of days to come in.

Can you match colours

Sometimes. With powder coat we can only get colours that our supliers manufacture. If you have a RAL code we can usually get those in without issue. If you need a more specific colour or finish we will talk to our suppliers to try and get the closest colour available.

Do you use a primer?

Yes, we use a selection of primers that are each suited to specific applications. Get in touch for more information.

Will Powder Coat chip off easily?

No, when applied properly powder coat is one of the strongest finishes available. If you have had or heard of issues where powder coat has been chipping of this is likely due to under-curing. We make sure that all parts are fully cured before removing from the oven.

What material do you shot blast with?

We use 3 different media to blast with. Depending on the substrate we will blast with either Chilled Iron, Alloy Oxide (two different grades.), or Glass bead.

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