We offer a range of services and are able to advise on the best option for your specific needs. Have a look below to see what we offer and then get in touch to find out more.

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We offer different grades of blasting to ensure that we can remove any coating off any surface without doing any damage, as well as remove any rust and corrosion.


Bead blasting is a great option for more delicate parts or alloy parts that you don't want repainted. Our super fine glass bead leaves a nice satin sheen on alloy parts.


For removing tougher finishes that cant be removed by blasting, such as powder coat, we can acid strip them prior to blasting. This helps keep costs down and preserve the surface of the metal by avoiding excessive blasting.


Our complete wheel refurbishment service is a great way to bring your car or bike back to life. We take care of striping the old paint, removing corrosion, smooth out any curb damage, & repaint in the colour of your choice. be that back to the original colour or something a little more fancy.


Powder coat is possibly the most durable coating you can apply to metal part. It is perfectly suited to automotive parts. And with the range of colours and finishes available it is perfect for any other metal parts you may have. It is chip & scratch resistant & less prone to fading then other finishes.  


Cerakote is the industry leader in thin film coatings, this ceramic based paint is able to withstand temperatures up 980°c. With its thermal resistance and durability it is suitable for a whole range of applications, and can be applied to almost any substrate.

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Below are some price guides on the services we offer and the approximate cost of popular items, if your part isn't listed please get in touch for a quote.

Prices are based on a standard colour in Powder coat. If you are looking for Fluorescent, Candy or Metallic finishes or Cerakote please get in touch for pricing as some of these are charged at a higher rate.

All prices shown are inclusive of VAT.


Blasting - £1.62 per minute

Acid dip - From £24

Welding - From £40

Bike Wheel Refurbishment

Any size wheel prices:

- Single Wheel - £90.00

- Pair - £156.00

Bearing removal and refit
- £18.00 per wheel 


Tyre removal, refit and balance
- £18.00 per wheel

Car Wheel Refurbishment

Price per wheel from: 

- Up to 16 inches - £60.00

- 17/18 inches - £75.00

- 19/20 inches - £80.00

- 21 Inches - £88.00

£7.50 supplement for steel wheels.

Magnesium wheels are priced on application due to the extra care that they require.

Tyre removal, refit, and balance


We are unable to remove wheels from cars at this time.

Welding - If we find any cracks in your wheels we can arrange for these to be welded. This is carried out by a 3rd party and no warranty is given. No more then 2 cracks per wheel.

Motorbike parts

Motorbike Frame -  From £156*

Motorbike Subframe - £36

Swinging Arm - £42

Yokes (each) - £25

Calipers - £30

Springs - £25

Exhaust systems - £75

* £60  aditional charge for frames that are currently powder coated.