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Kirdford Shot Blasting Est. 2017

Kirdford Shot Blasting & Powder Coating is a small family run shot blasting company established in 2017.


We are based in Kirdford, West Sussex where we have a dedicated workshop suited to deal with all sorts of blasting and coating work. Our aim is to provide services to the individual who needs small batches of work done with a small turnaround. We cater for people who are looking to restore motorbikes and cars, or who just need parts from around the house re-finished. Our bespoke service means your items aren't just added to a production line, instead we treat each job individually ensuring the finish is exactly as you want and returned to you as quickly as possible.

We are equipped with 4 blast cabinets each set up with different media to suite a range of application. We have 2 cabinets running different grades of alloy oxide media which is suitable for all kinds of metals and gives a nice smooth finish. We have a large cabinet running chilled iron which will remove most coatings but leaves a slightly more coarse finish. This is suitable for heavy steel parts. And our final cabinet is equipped with a very fine glass bead which gives a very smooth finish similar to vapour blasting, this can be used on any parts but is ideal for delicate applications such as engine casings.


We are experienced powder coat applicators offering a huge range of colours and finishes. We pride ourselves with the quality of our work as our business is very much aimed at the restorer and hobbyist who demands top quality work.

We also now offer Cerakote as an alternative finish. Cerakote is a great option for people who are looking to restore parts to their factory finish as it's the coating of choice for many large manufacturers. Again we can offer a large range of colours to suit your needs or we are able to mix custom colours to match your requirements.

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